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Zune Marketplace vs. iTunes

If you are a digital music aficionado then you certainly don’t need to be told what the differences are between the various music download services on the net today. Unfortunately, not all of the people looking to purchase a digital music player know all of the terminology and definitions involved with download services. For those of you unsure of what you need to have or be capable of with your digital music player, consider the following brief definitions of three of the major types of download services on the world wide web for your MP3 player.

iTunes is perhaps the most well-known download site on the internet today with the powerful backing of Apple. While there are other digital music players that can play files downloaded from iTunes, there aren’t any that work better than Apple’s own iPod. If you have decided to invest in an iPod, and invest is the right word, then you can be comfortable with anything that you purchase from iTunes. The most impressive part of iTunes, even though it has an impressive array of music tracks and podcasts, is the video portion of iTunes. Download your favorite television shows and watch them when you want, you can find them all on iTunes.

PlaysForSure compatibility is what you will see from virtually every digital music player that isn’t made by Apple or Microsoft. Apple and Microsoft won’t generally work with PlaysForSure compatible network sites (even though PlaysForSure is basically a Microsoft product). Some PlaysForSure sites that you may have heard of are the sites like Rhapsody and Napster that have gotten a great amount of exposure over the early years of MP3 technology and the legal battles that have ensued. If you purchase a PlaysForSure compatible player you can rest assured that there are places for you to download music for a reasonable price.

Zune Marketplace is the place for the owners of the new Microsoft Zune players to download music especially for their systems. Zune will not technically be PlaysForSure compatible, so you better learn to like the Zune Marketplace if you want to be able to download tunes in addition to the songs that you already know. This site offers tunes for about the same price as iTunes does, but the selection hasn’t rivaled the powerful Apple site just yet so don’t be disappointed initially. Right now, Zune Marketplace does not have any video to offer, but Microsoft definitely intends to improve this situation as soon as possible.

There is certainly no right answer to which is better or best to this situation as it truly depends on what your situation is or what your goal is from the download service. All will have the ability to get music and listen to it, but if you want versatility it is probably best to invest in the iPod or Zune right now.